Technical Tracks

Track 1: Internet of Things and Cyber-security Systems

  • Advanced “Internet of Things” technologies and applications.
  • Cyber Technology to protect critical infrastructures such as financial system, electric power grid, air traffic control system, and communication networks.
  • Computer security, computer networks, systems architecture, process control systems.
  • Software engineering, human-computer interaction, organization theory.

Track 2: Integrative, Hybrid, and Complex Systems

Research related to the design, development and implementation of new cyber-enabled complex and hybrid systems at all scales, including nano, micro, and macro.

  • Integrated sensing, communication, and computational systems.
  • Signal processing and coding techniques for communications, sensing, and other applications.
  • RF-Wireless, optical, and hybrid communications systems.
  • Broadband and low power communications .
  • Submillimeter-wave/Terahertz (THz) imaging and sensing.
  • Enabling technologies for intelligent communications systems.
  • Sensors, actuators, and electronic Interfaces.
  • Chemical, biological, physical diagnostic, and implantable systems.
  • Environmental and early-warning monitoring systems.

Track 3: Energy, Controls, and Adaptive Networks

Research related to the design and analysis of intelligent and adaptive engineering networks, including sensing, imaging, controls, and computational technologies.

  • Distributed control of multi-agent systems with embedded computation for sensor and adaptive networks.
  • Adaptive dynamic programming, brain-like networked architectures performing real-time learning, neuromorphic engineering, telerobotics, and systems theory.
  • Electric power networks and grids, including generation, transmission and integration of renewable, sustainable and distributed energy systems, such as fuel cells and micro-turbines in large power networks.
  • Energy scavenging and storage; alternative energy technologies, including solar cells, ocean waves, wind, and geothermal.
  • Micro- and nano-systems for large scale energy applications.