Conference Scope

IEEE-CYBER is a newly established international conference focusing on intelligent cyber systems in automation and control. Today’s automation systems are increasingly equipped with sophisticated sensors and network interfaces to facilitate real-time monitoring and control through the cyber space. As networking technology continues to increase in bandwidth and decrease in price, this trend is expected to grow by leaps and bounds as new generations of internet-friendly automation systems become increasingly interconnected to provide not only fast and cost-effective, but also advanced intelligent control to a wide variety of disciplines such as healthcare, homeland security, energy, telecommunications, environment, transportation, and manufacturing.

IEEE-CYBER 2011 will host leaders and visionaries from both industry and academia to disseminate their latest research results in intelligent cyber systems, including new scientific theories, computational algorithms, information technologies, and engineering techniques that enable the rapid development and integration of advanced automation systems with internet, networks, and computational intelligence. One of the focal areas of IEEE-CYBER 2011 will be energy generation, management and distribution. Recent concerns of global environmental change have forecasted a tightened energy market and the need of an alternative energy source in the near future. Intelligent cyber system can potentially play a major role in the development of new concepts in blackout-free electricity generation and energy consumption optimization. IEEE-CYBER 2011 will strive to promote discussions in these areas as well as the integration of cyber systems with renewable and alternative energy sources such as fuel cells, solar cells, and hydrogen.