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Situated in the middle of the notable Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with an altitude of some 1981 meters, Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province, as well as the center of politics, economy, culture, transportation and communications. By enjoying the pleasant climate endowed heavenly, the average temperature annually is some 14.8℃, famed for its mild climate having no extreme cold winter and sultry summer. Kunming donates its tourist with the feeling of eternal spring all the year round with fabulous flowers in blossom everywhere. It looks like a glittering pearl enchased beside the Dianchi Lake, a plateau lake. It is an optimal tourist destination not only for the domestic tourist but the whole world as well.

With the profound history, splendid culture, favorable environment and climate, they have left Kunming a handful rare cultural relic, historic sites, major places of interest and unique nation cultures. It has merged all the natural beauties including the natural landscape, diversity human cultures and folklore, the factors of history and reality. Presently, it is given a fame for being “City with Landscape and embraced by Landscape” and it has become an important destination and distributing center for tourists home and abroad. While wondering around Kunming, one may easily sense the charms of the city, enchanted by its striking features for being a center of biology, body-fitting and holiday, and conference and exhibition. Right in here, one can enjoy the warm sunshine in winter and cool summer for holiday. One can feast at a typical Yunnan flavored restaurant to please one’s appetite with countless local cuisines. When possible, one may also shop around all the commodity malls to appreciate the happiness brought up from the “shopping Paradise”, to share with the local folk the romance of metropolis feelings and cultures. When luck, one may join in some kinds of exhibitions or ethnic activities, or celebrations, overwhelming in the voundless laughter and delightfulness, to memorize Kunming with more charm and excellencies.

Friends from afar, welcome to visit Kunming, to the fascination city of eternal spring in China, I am sure, it will bring you more excitement and joys, to leave one with an unforgettable memory for being with Kunming once upon a time…

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